Hey Geng,

I'm Edwin.

I help businesses scale through marketing and design.

- Marketing Planning
- SEO Marketing
- Copywriting
- Website Design (UIUX)
- Web Interactions

Edwin Masripan is web designer, Principal at Laman7. He oversees the design and development of projects while making sure his employees get paid on time.

Edwin started coding from 1999, where he climbed the gates of his boarding school to go to a cyber cafe just to learn HTML. However, after completing school, he took a different course, attending the school of engineering. 2 years into the field, he realized his passion for web design supersedes being a Telco Engineer.

He quit at started Laman7 in 2007.

Things didn't turn out well, in 2009 he went nearly bankrupt and go into the corporate world where he worked for Mesiniaga for 6 years. His employment later was terminated due to company downsizing and lack of opportunities.

At Mesiniaga, he was a proposal writer, analyst, presenter, marketer. Servicing both private sectors like TM, Celcom, Maxis, and the Public sector, MAMPU, HRDF, PDRM, JPN, MOF, JIM and more.

During his years at Mesiniaga, he does freelancing work. Design and develop websites for small businesses.

In 2015, he continued Laman7. Started an office in late 2017 and still pushing.

Note: This going to be a long one, I'll be back to write.

Current Projects


Teaching your staffs to be better marketers and designers without going to college. The 101s (basics).


Evaluating your website so it gets more clicks and convert stranger to your biggest fan.


Build a web story so that your target audience are sold before they start engaging with you.


Protecting your digital assets so that you'll continue to present online and people can find you.
Malaysia Website Awards