Steal Like an Artist

This is the first out of 3 Austin Kleon books.

The book is thin but packs a whole lot of punch. Not a word longer, nor shorter. It was written beautifully like poetry.

Austin wrote 10 manifestos to live by.

Steal Like an Artist 1

I'll paraphrase the first one.

Nothing in this world is original. It says so in the bible.

That's a huge relief.

Creative people struggle so much to come up with original work. The truth is, nothing in this world is ever original. Which means you don't start from scratch all the time.

For Marketers – Always keep a swipe file.

For Programmers – Always start with Github.

For Designers – Save cool designs in your second brain.

These 10 manifestoes may look easy, but if you ever walked the path of creative people, this is exactly what you look for.

Steal Like an Artist is the book that I force my new staff to read. I lost all three (possibly stolen from the office). Bought another set.

One of those books I read yearly.

A share would be, Sublime.

The Lean Startup

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Kapow 9.5/10
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