How To Manipulate People

How does a scam work?
How do politicians stay in power?

Whatever your reasons are, I hope it's for the better.

You manipulate people by making them desperate. This can be best explained using simple economics.

There are 3 fuels that hold people together.

  1. Their time
  2. Their money
  3. Their attention


Make them desperate by giving it a deadline. With deadlines, suddenly things that are least obvious are put under constraint.

Marketing for Acne cream: Don't wait 30 days to figure out it doesn't work for you.

Scam: You have 3 days to pay your fines.

Politics: We don't have time. Think about the future of your kids.


Make them desperate by loss aversion. People are more concerned with losing than winning. If given a choice, between earning RM 1,000 or not losing RM 1,000. Most of you would pick not losing RM 1,000.

Marketing: Every day without X, you lose 4 productive hours.

Scam: Pay now, it's trending upwards.

Politics: Who wants funds? Register here.


Make them desperate through authority and credibility. Shake their core to lose their self-esteem and give a sense of hope.

Marketing: Want glowing skin like me, follow my tips.

Scam: The police are going to raid your house.

Politics: As a person, it's hard to change, as a whole, we can take charge of what's rightfully ours.


When combined all three, time, money and attention a scam can look real. So do marketing and politics. Knowing these can help you avoid being manipulated.

It's ok to manipulate people, as long as you're sincere in your intentions.

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