How Do I Make Cool-Looking Corporate Website? – You Don't

"I want to WOW my visitors"
"I want it POP out my screen"
"I want it scream CREATIVE"

If your website direction is towards aesthetics, then you are missing the point.

A website is for you to generate leads, connect old customers and a marketing channel.

Anyway, if you insist here's how you do it ...

  1. Use GSAP – It's probably one the best way to start animating your website so that it looks amazing cool and smooth transitions.
  2. Use ThreeJS – This 3D library will take your website to a different level, making it immersive digital experience and
  3. Locomotive Scroll – This JS will control the scroller making website super slippery while triggering elements to bounce, fade in etc.

The danger? Not all device can render these JS libraries easily. Do expect jittery, poor loading speed and terrible mobile adaptability

Be extra careful using it.

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A share would be, Sublime.

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