Dear CEOs, Please Invest in Design.

Last weekend I hung out with a few Digital Marketers. People who do media buying, up to RM 10k per day.

Besides bitching about the industry how people are too focus on quick wins, there are larger things at play.

Like any tech industry, there will be more Technical Digital Marketer (ads buyers). It will come to a point that Machine Learning is so good, you don't have to do choose a market segment. It will do it for you.

It boils down to, who has better creatives. Better yet, which is more personal.

Top 3 Misconceptions About Design

Design is Adding More

Contrary to belief, adding more elements to the design will make it difficult to run. Design is the art of reducing to its bare minimum.

Design is Art

The design has nothing to do with the CEO or managers tastes. It doesn't even have a place. Why? Because they don't design their own shoes, suits and ties. We buy it because we like it and how it fits. That's what design should be. Made for the customers.

Design is Subjective

Art is. Design is objective. You want to get something out of design whether it's high conversion, collecting leads, bigger revenue, higher Average Order Value... whatever it is, Design is Built on Numbers.

How Design Will Benefit Your Company?

The primary goal of design is to fit the user's point of view.

This could be solving their problem, ascending them to their goals or making them feel good about the purchase.

Which will ultimately change the following

  • Reduce complex business flow
  • Reduce cost of production
  • Increase margin and trust

The Final Battle

Between two brands is "who gets me most".

'Get' your customers.
F*ck your design taste.
Hire great super-stacked designers.

If you want to survive the 21st Century, invest in design.

What good design looks like?

There are many ways to measure good Design. Here are 3 common ones.

  • Reusable many times, like your logo, web design style, corporate identity kit.
  • Get's you closer to desire result. It could be your revenue, customer retention etc.
  • Instantly Recognisable. Even a glimpse you can tell its from who.

I hope this short post changes your perspective of design.

Good designs are expensive because it's an investment, not a cost.

Edwin Masripan

ps: Win-ning Notes Won Site of the Month (Web Design Award)

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