Finding Your Target Audience.

Finding Your Target Audience.

It's not easy - It's also not that difficult.
It's not simple - It's also not complicated.

Here are a few ways to find your audience.

1. Know your product - who will benefit the most from your product? I'm talking about a life-changing experience. For example, A fountain pen. Artist desires/wants one, but the ones that need it the most are writers. They need a pen that flows and doesn't interrupt their thinking flow.

2. Know your passion - if you don't get paid to do it, you are ok. For me is writing. I don't mind getting paid for it.

3. Who to serve - think of the people that work with you fluidly, the ones that clicked with you, easy to talk and negotiate. Find out everything about them.

4. Who Not to serve - think of the people you dislike dealing with, don't serve them.

5. Use data - list down all your current customers, find the pattern. Where they live, their profession, their passion, their problems, demographics etc. Avoid cliche like "want to be rich", everyone wants it.

It took me months to truly know who my target audience is. I hope you find yours soon. InsyaAllah.


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