We Need to Stop Random Act of Marketing.

A few weeks back I held a workshop for 101s. The main theme behind it was 'Building Marketing Asset'. The next iteration is the Random Act of Marketing.

What's Random Act of Marketing?

It's doing a standalone marketing activity at convenience.

For example, one day you came across my tweet, I preach SEO. Then you decide to jump into SEO without thinking about how it connects to your whole marketing system.

Another example is, making a billboard for a specific campaign, but sending it to the main website which doesn't have any link to the campaign.

Or, "hey let's sponsor this event", without regarding who the audience is. Which I've seen people do again and again. (Unless you are being charitable).

Even so, it's a waste of the marketing budget.

Opposite of RAM

The opposite of Random Act of Marketing is Deliberate Marketing. Marketing with a specific strategy and user flow, from one state to another.

Here's what deliberate marketing looks like.

  1. Know - Showcase what you can solve to the right audience. Send them to the right direction to take the next step. Example, launch a Billboard for Campain A, send to Link A.
  2. Like - In Link A, Tell them how are you solving this problem differently. Get them to pay for the product/services. Make them a repeat customer.
  3. Share - Get them to share Link A and get more like minded audience to know.

When Campaign A is over, start Campaign B with link B.

B to B, C to C, D to D and so forth.

The Random Temptation

Every now and again, you will see gurus and industry experts will pitch a new way of doing marketing that promises a higher conversion rate. Hold yourself together.

Learn about your marketing options. Know your Marketing Fundamentals.

Agility vs Random

"Think Structurally, Execute Flexibly"

- My Motto

Say we do Campaign A, with Billboard A, and it backfired, what do we do?

There are FB ads A. Google Ads A. Brochure A. There are so many variations of media and creatives you can use. Fundamentally, the question that needs to be answered ...

  1. Is there a need for such product?
  2. Will current customers pay for this?
  3. What's the transformation?

Random is what I call Duct Tape Strategy.


Strengthen your marketing fundamentals so you don't always fall prey to new tactics which are mostly FOMO.

Secondly, learn about all the marketing options. Choose the best weapon for the right job.

A share would be, Sublime.

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