Revamping Website? 3 Tips Before You Start Seeking Out Agencies to Help You Build Your New Website

There are more than 200 million active website. How do you command and keep attention of your visitors that turns them into hot prospects?

Usability Over Aesthetics

As much as you love the cool animations, graphics, and images on visually appealing website, prospects will always choose usability. Usability is the ability to read the website easily without jumping around trying to arouse admiration.

Structured Information Architecture

Before diving right into design, think carefully who are the audience. Research on their goals, motivation and emotional triggers that will keep their attention. Every information has its hierarchy and priority. We don't hand out Technical Brochure on the streets. Structure your information properly according the level of your visitor's awareness level.

Having Realistic Goals

"I want ready buyers from the new website" – Sure you can, but it's difficult if you haven't done it before. An alternative goal is priming the visitors into becoming a prospect or getting your past customers to recommend your website.

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