Content Creation: We're Doing it Wrong

Write a bunch of content. Schedule it. Publish it. Tada~

Next thing we know, nobody ever consumes it. What a waste.

Most of the time our best content only appears the first time it's out. This is why I don't really enjoy movie sequels. It was great in the first one, the second got worse, the third was draggy (example: John Wick 3).

Unless the entire movie series was based on a long story, like Starwars, Lord of the Ring, Marvel Universe. They had to break it down into 2 to 6 movies to make sense. (Fast and Furious sucked after the second).

Our best ideas are great because it was years of manifestation. Then it got boring.

I'm going to list down 7 Principles for Content Creation.

Principle 1: Think of it as Presentation.

Writing is key, but not everyone likes to read.

Think of content creation as a presentation rather than writing.

Naturally, you want to make your presentation short and sweet. The longer you talk about your stuff, the more likely you'll bore people. (Among the reason why I couldn't finish a Hindi movie, its 3 hours long!)

Use all the available media you have. Video, images, statistics, anything that can tell the story easily.

Principle 2: New Audience

Your audience may not be the same person. After a certain period, or once you've exhausted your topic, go back to the first one.

A new audience may not go to the first post.

This leads to the next point.

Principle 3: Best things are repeated.

When I was in kindy, the teacher used several methods to demonstrate the relation between numbers.

Sometimes using pins, sometimes buttons, macaroni, marbles.

The same addition and subtraction, using different things and perspectives.

That's how our content should be.

Content Creation: We're Doing it Wrong 1

Principle 4: Be interested, Not Interesting.

Focus on the audience, what is it you can solve for them.

Avoid showing off new Mac Book Pro, New Office setup, New PC setup. Because they don't care. Only you care.

Principle 5: Always a CTA

Every piece of content must have a Call to Action. Contact, learn more about the product, visit the website, subscribe to the newsletter.

Without direction, you are merely entertaining.

Artists job is to entertain. Content creation is to create sales.

Principle 6: Quality Over Quantity

How many posts per day?
What is the best time of the day?

It doesn't matter.

Find a regular rhythm that you can follow. One per week is good enough.

Between 10 Quality posts vs 1000 quantity posts.

Both are difficult. Choose your difficulty.

Principle 7: Improve on the Last One

Similar to 3, don't just repeat the topic. Find a different angle on the matter.

What was the feedback?
Did people like it?
Did people resonate?
Did people perform certain actions?

What you learn, make it x2 better.

Content Creation: We're Doing it Wrong 2
Different celebrities, Different Context, Upgraded Same Content.


In content creation, it's not so much about how many you produced. It's about the quality and expectations that you can deliver to your audience.

Does it resonate?
Does it lead to sales?
Do people ask more questions?

The goal is NOT to share everything you can in one go but to tease and reinforce the learning.

Choose your cycle. Every 4, 8 ,20, 50 weeks? It's all up to you.

A share would be, Sublime.

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