Why You Shouldn't Be Reading 'Tips'.

"How-to" and "Tips" are great to get started. I've got bad news, it's filled with bad advice especially when you're a beginner and trying to connect the dots.

Reason 1

They only feed our shallow curiosity.

These contents are designed to fulfil our present desire. It's written in a way that hooks us now, with very little action for us to perform.

It's kind of like "Brad Pitt To Marry Again" headlines, except for business.

Reason 2

Superficial content and sometimes made to confuse us.

As an SEO practitioner, we use a model call hub-and-spoke, (a major point, with many minor points). Using the model, we intentionally give a bit of information so that you can always come back and refer to us.

Sometimes we give a lot, perhaps too much that it becomes overwhelming, which prompts you to bookmark the page.

Better yet, asks you to subscribe to the newsletter.

Reason 3

It doesn't solve your problem.

'Tips' are a great read. It's fun and fast and engaging.

Consider the following ...

15 minutes a day for 30 days to your perfect 6 packs.

Let's get real. No way you can get a heavenly body in a short amount of time.

Similarly your business.

What you should be doing.

It wouldn't be right for me to tell you what you need to do.

The best course of action are the followings

  1. Figure out the bigger picture (grand scheme of things)
  2. Don't go into technical details (if you can)
  3. Arrange in Sequence.
  4. Buy a book. - Books are damn cheap for 10-15 years of experience poured into it.
  5. Pay for Classess. There are plentiful, Udemy, SkillShare all at our disposal.

A share would be, Sublime.

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