Wed, 25 May 22

The Enemy of Marketing

Every hero's journey must go through an antagonist (enemy). An enemy is sometimes a person, a situation, a challenge, or […]
Fri, 18 Mar 22

How to Write Winning Proposals

I've written more than 1000 proposals since I graduated in 2004. Here's what I learned. It starts with Mindset It's […]
Mon, 07 Feb 22

We Need to Stop Random Act of Marketing.

A few weeks back I held a workshop for 101s. The main theme behind it was 'Building Marketing Asset'. The […]
Thu, 03 Feb 22

Duct Tape Strategy...

"If you can't fix it with duct tape, then you ain't using enough duct tape" "Anything can be fixed with […]
Tue, 18 Jan 22

Dear CEOs, Please Invest in Design.

Last weekend I hung out with a few Digital Marketers. People who do media buying, up to RM 10k per […]
Wed, 05 Jan 22

Why You Should Bet On SEO in 2022.

TLDR: SEO in 2022 will be exciting as many businesses are geared online to adopt the new behaviour post Covid-19. […]
Thu, 23 Dec 21

Why You Shouldn't Be Reading 'Tips'.

"How-to" and "Tips" are great to get started. I've got bad news, it's filled with bad advice especially when you're […]
Mon, 13 Dec 21

Why Twitter Blow Up Is Not Always Cool.

The other day I wrote, 'how to beat Monday Blues'. I wrote it leisurely while nursing my bruised shin. I […]
Tue, 30 Nov 21

Making New Products

Products is product or service. New ideas - We are bombarded with new ideas all the time. But is it […]
Thu, 25 Nov 21

Content Creation: We're Doing it Wrong

Write a bunch of content. Schedule it. Publish it. Tada~ Next thing we know, nobody ever consumes it. What a […]
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