Tue, 07 Feb 23

Revamping Website? 3 Tips Before You Start Seeking Out Agencies to Help You Build Your New Website

There are more than 200 million active website. How do you command and keep attention of your visitors that turns […]
Wed, 25 May 22

The Enemy of Marketing

Every hero's journey must go through an antagonist (enemy). An enemy is sometimes a person, a situation, a challenge, or […]
Fri, 18 Mar 22

How to Write Winning Proposals

I've written more than 1000 proposals since I graduated in 2004. Here's what I learned. It starts with Mindset It's […]
Mon, 07 Feb 22

We Need to Stop Random Act of Marketing.

A few weeks back I held a workshop for 101s. The main theme behind it was 'Building Marketing Asset'. The […]
Thu, 03 Feb 22

Duct Tape Strategy...

"If you can't fix it with duct tape, then you ain't using enough duct tape" "Anything can be fixed with […]
Tue, 18 Jan 22

Dear CEOs, Please Invest in Design.

Last weekend I hung out with a few Digital Marketers. People who do media buying, up to RM 10k per […]
Wed, 05 Jan 22

Why You Should Bet On SEO in 2022.

TLDR: SEO in 2022 will be exciting as many businesses are geared online to adopt the new behaviour post Covid-19. […]
Thu, 23 Dec 21

Why You Shouldn't Be Reading 'Tips'.

"How-to" and "Tips" are great to get started. I've got bad news, it's filled with bad advice especially when you're […]
Mon, 13 Dec 21

Why Twitter Blow Up Is Not Always Cool.

The other day I wrote, 'how to beat Monday Blues'. I wrote it leisurely while nursing my bruised shin. I […]
Tue, 30 Nov 21

Making New Products

Products is product or service. New ideas - We are bombarded with new ideas all the time. But is it […]
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