Thu, 25 Nov 21

Content Creation: We're Doing it Wrong

Write a bunch of content. Schedule it. Publish it. Tada~ Next thing we know, nobody ever consumes it. What a […]
Wed, 24 Nov 21

How to Improve Your Story Telling using 5C

Storytelling, story selling, soft selling, whatever you want to call it. Let's get to the bottom of it. In short, […]
Mon, 22 Nov 21

Problems in Marketing: Solve These First

Marketing is a whole set of divisions by itself. It's very big. After indulging myself with the hall of fame […]
Thu, 18 Nov 21

Fundamental of Marketing

It's always easy to go nuts, spam people, launch big campaigns, produce more and more content. Most of us are […]
Thu, 18 Nov 21

How to Qualify Prospects

As a service provider, the first thing you need to do is qualify the people who deserve to be serviced. […]
Wed, 17 Nov 21

Start With Problem, Define It.

When I consult people on their business, oftentimes, I am not clear with what needs solving. Sometimes we downplay the […]
Tue, 17 Dec 19

Finding Your Target Audience.

Finding Your Target Audience. It's not easy - It's also not that difficult.It's not simple - It's also not complicated. […]
Wed, 05 Dec 18

Copywriting: Between Wants and Needs

I have to admit, I actually learned this from an old guy in Udemy through it's 'preview' course. In the […]
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