Fundamental of Marketing

It's always easy to go nuts, spam people, launch big campaigns, produce more and more content.

Most of us are taught that advertisement is marketing. That's only a small portion of it. We can expand on the topic for as long as we can, but we don't need to.

Although this has been shared many times, I feel that there's a need to.

Simple Fundamental of Marketing

Market-Message-Medium (3M)

Fundamental of Marketing 1
Fundamental Marketing


Market refers two sides, the people whom we are targeting and the incumbent.


Are the people whom we are targeting. We to understand 2 key things. Their current pain, gains and hangout. From there, we'll get their incentives.

Our incentives and theirs must be aligned.

E.g. Prospects want cheaper products, we can't fulfil those. - Mismatch.

E.g. Prospects doesn't want to pay hourly, we sell a one-time charge - Match.


Every market has a competitor or incumbent. These are people who have been there servicing existing customers.

We can come up with a new product but it has to replace current usage.

Figure out how the prospect are doing it, find a better angle.


This is copywriting.

Copywriting is contextual. Depending on buying state of a prospect.

e.g. If you try to sell me air conditioning service, I might not need it now. No matter how good is your message, if I'm not in the state to purchase, I won't buy from you.

There are 4 states of buying.


Know you exist and push them to generate more interest to your product. Educe their inner desire.


Evaluating your products from you or others. At this point, they'd want to know the benefits and features you are providing.


The last push. Demo, delivery, guarantees, social proof. Any last bit of doubt has to be eliminated. If they had to ask their partner, wife, girlfriend, you've lost the sale.


They buy again and again. Deliver the best experience they could ever get.


What medium to use for every state of messages.

Most of us use the medium we are comfortable with. And many would favour online ads due to their flexibility and tracking ability, but they may not be the best. Offline medium works well too.

Tailor your medium based on your target audience.

Most Mistakes

Most often we start from Medium -> Message -> Market. It could work, but its not the most effective. Regardless of sequence, you still need to do all three steps.

You might as well start from the right sequence. Market -> Message -> Medium.


No matter how far you climb the marketing ladder, you will always go back to the fundamental of marketing, Market, Message, Medium.

We'll talk more about getting creative with your messages.

A share would be, Sublime.

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