Why You Should Bet On SEO in 2022.

TLDR: SEO in 2022 will be exciting as many businesses are geared online to adopt the new behaviour post Covid-19.

We are not short of marketing channels.

The most prominent ones are social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Then we have private social media, Whatsapp and Telegram.

We can stick to these channels, however, competition is on the rise. We are not competing against competitors, but fighting for attention. This is what Seth Godin calls, Interruption Marketing.

Almost all social media platforms are filled with people who are disgusted at something, the government, the politicians, flood, filled with viral stuff. As such, it becomes noise. Even with good intentions of selling the benefits, we're drowned by the noise.

The unaffected ones, those who have real problems to solve, are drowned by these noises.

The only thing that doesn't follow this trend is SEO.

You don't get interrupted when you perform a search.

Where do we start with SEO in 2022?

The first you need to do is obviously have a blazing fast website. That's pretty standard.

The next thing is to find the keywords that your audience used on Google. For example, as a buyer, I'd type 'getting rid of dead paint' as opposed to the seller's keyword 'car polish'.

Third, write (or present) persuasively, and have a point of view. Remember, the target audience won't know the industry as well as you do. Guide them the steps by steps to solve their problem. Which obviously leads to your product.

Fourth, code it to fit standard SEO practice. Title, H1, H2, H3, Image, Permalink. Pretty straightforward stuff.

Finally, force Google to index your new blog post.

SEO Bonus Round

Promote on your social media. Get more clicks from these platforms.

If you're feeling adventurous, pitch the story to news media.

That would rank you to the first page in record time.

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