Too Many Good Books, Too Little Time.

Overcoming Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is probably the hardest thing you need to do.

Everywhere we turn, there'll be inventive and enticing opportunities to get dragged into other things. We're talking about books.

If you google the top 10 [any subject] books, you'll end up panicking. *God demmit, I haven't read this*. And that's ok, that's human. What's inhuman is to read each and every one of them like an article.

Try these 3 tips.

Be Present

Read the book. Enjoy that passing moment. Be in the zone. Be in the moment.

Whatever you want to call it. Be there.

Don't read a book while thinking about why your motorcycle won't start. Or how you need to pick up the kids from school. Or the rising number of Omicron cases.

Just be.

Inhale Knowledge

This sounds messed up. It is.

Don't focus on reading speed. Instead, savour it like people sniffing wine (I don't drink) or that piece of $100 wagyu steak.

Take your time devouring the content. Flip each page with careful intention.

When it knocks your head. Stop. Inhale it.

Those are knowledge and neuron are making the connection.

Summaries Books

I'm guilty of not doing this too until I started doing it.

It's better to understand 100% of 1 book, than understand 1% of 100 books.

Write a summary of the book.

  • What was the biggest enlightenment?
  • What was the delight?
  • What did you inhale (knowledge)?

3 months in, you look back, you have 3 books summary written by you and not anyone else. That's an achievement from zero.


We go back to why read in the first place? – to understand the world.

Not to play catch up. Not chasing anyone. Not running away from the current problem.

ps: I challenged myself to a 30 day Copywriting Challenge, I'm on day 23. It's difficult as hell. Read about it here.

A share would be, Sublime.

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