Bye 2021, Hi 2022

Not a big fan of new year. A huge fan of new week but a recap is due.

2021 was a difficult year. It was the year of personal growth.

I spent most of my time soul searching. Finding my way back to its route. Finding the 12-year-old me who wanted to create things. To find the kid who never got a chance to grow up properly.

My web design business wasn't growing. It was slowing (partly due to competitors and the no-spec work rules). Despite slowing down, we managed to hit 25% more than last year. There was some magic to it, we'll talk about it later.

Overall, the business was stagnant, which was definitely something I didn't expect (I was ready for the worst-case scenario). We had good people leaving. We lost big projects and left no unsatisfied customers.

2022 will be different.

I won't be focusing much on Web Design. I've got my good lieutenant to handle it. I'll let her grow it.

Right now, I'm obsessed with helping smaller companies. From 5 to 6 figures growth. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worthwhile.

The magic I spoke of, is value.

Be nice to people. No matter how shitty things will and can be, continue being nice. People remember awful things, rarely the good things. Therefore, be nicest as much as you can (unless they are being pushovers).

Being nice may hurt you now, but it'll always pay forward.

Thank you for the hard lessons 2021.

Hi 2022.

A share would be, Sublime.

Hi, I'm Edwin

I'm a multilayer Marketer + Designer that helps businesses get more leads. My core skills are web design, SEO and Copywriting. I work at Web Design, Laman7

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