Mon, 08 Jan 24

How to Read a Book

Reading How to Read Have you ever read a book and realised you didn’t learn much from the book? Was […]
Tue, 07 Feb 23

Keep Clapping Until It's Your Turn

While friends and family are winning awards, upgrading cars, getting higher positions, gaining more power, making more money, having more […]
Fri, 10 Jun 22

Go Slow To Go Fast.

I spent last week at Langkawi. I realised one thing. While the people in the city move very impatiently, the […]
Thu, 24 Mar 22

Winning Awards, Should You?

Are awards rigged, and why do we care so much about it? Why do we give attention? How to win […]
Tue, 22 Mar 22

What to Work On

Often we're presented with an option, to work on A or B. Here's how I make the decision. When Benjamin […]
Mon, 21 Mar 22

How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

As with any challenge in life, the only way to survive it, is to go through it. I remembered my […]
Wed, 23 Feb 22

Too Many Good Books, Too Little Time.

Overcoming Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is probably the hardest thing you need to do. Everywhere we turn, there'll be […]
Sat, 01 Jan 22

Bye 2021, Hi 2022

Not a big fan of new year. A huge fan of new week but a recap is due. 2021 was […]
Thu, 23 Dec 21

Why You Shouldn't Be Reading 'Tips'.

"How-to" and "Tips" are great to get started. I've got bad news, it's filled with bad advice especially when you're […]
Wed, 17 Nov 21

Start With Problem, Define It.

When I consult people on their business, oftentimes, I am not clear with what needs solving. Sometimes we downplay the […]
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