How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

As with any challenge in life, the only way to survive it, is to go through it.

I remembered my first biggest fear in life, riding a roller coaster. I was nine when my family went to Six Flags, San Antonio.

Shockwave, Fiesta, Six Flags, San Antonio.

From then on, whenever I have to deal huge challenge, I recount this moment.

Impostor Syndrome.

What is it? – When you feel like a fake and inadequate. Then you start doubting your ability to deliver.

The truth is, everyone is equally the same!

The difference is our ability to hide our doubts.

For instance, as I was doing some research, I came across an SEO company that supposedly does good work judging by their testimonials.

When I looked at what they've done, it was a horrendous piece of shit. No one should get paid for this kind of work.

A huge pile of mess, far from the best practice of SEO. It was a miracle to see how they even got to the first page without any attempt to make the website work first, then do PR. (SEO is partially luck).

To understand Impostor Syndrome further we look into Dunning-Krueger effect Mount Stupid.

How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome 1
Mount Stupid – Not Dunning-Krueger Effect

Subconsciously we fear 'mount stupid' because this is where fake gurus, overnight experts appear and take advantage of those who don't know.

Amazing people like you, do not want to be associated with these people.

In confidence, you are here.

How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome 2
Where you are from mount stupid.

The more you know, the more you don't know.


The question now is, How do you build confidence?

Do the work, control your narrative and learn to speak. You can learn about being an expert from 'how to be an expert'.

Let me offer you another perspective of what an expert looks like.

Expert – as long as you know more than the other person.

Expert is relative to the person you are talking to.

If I were to compare myself to a Marketing Lecturer who would be more expert? It depends on what are you measuring.

Marketing Lecturer – Expert in Theory.

Me – Expert in Application of Marketing Theory.

Both are experts. Expert is relative.

I hope this gives you enough insights to not feel like a fake and a fraud.

When you do your social sharing and someone gave you a nudge in the 'right' direction, just remember, their 'right' is what they have inherited through learning, culture, and experience.

That's why scientist debates and perform peer-review before a Law becomes the Law.

There is no one way (to heaven).

Engage in a healthy debate. Learn from your blindspots. Slowly, gain the confidence and break through Impostor Syndrome.

ps: I see so many Mount Stupid. Do you need to call them out? The answer is always Yes.

A share would be, Sublime.

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