How to Be an Expert

This is not a scam and I'm not teaching you to be one.

The sole purpose of becoming an expert is so that

  • People appreciate your work
  • You command better pay
  • You add value to conversations
  • You are being heard.

The biggest setback right now is that people don't know you. We're fighting a new battle where everyone is selling.

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Everyone is fighting for the same attention.

So you need to step up. Not only master your craft but show it.

Expert, according to Americans are people who speak and write. (Teachers are not considered experts because they teach theories, strange huh?).

Here are 3 big components.

  • Speak
  • Publish
  • Perform

All three share the same common trait, clarity.


No wasted breath. No pause phrase. Confident.

Imagine going to a doctor, and he's struggling to find the words to describe the treatment. Would you feel safe? Would you proceed with the treatment?

I won't.

When explaining to customers, rehearse the sales script. Let it roll out of your tongue like a native. How McD staff quickly asks, 'would you like to up-size?'.

That's how good you should roll.

The trick is to always observe yourself when speaking.

Here are a few tips

  1. Before speaking, compose the words in your head.
  2. Take your time to speak, you don't have to speak quickly.
  3. Let everyone speak first.
  4. Respect other people's opinion
  5. Smile. Because that's what Dale Carnegie would do.


Write and produce high-quality content about your work.

Share your thought process, your secret sauce. – You may be reluctant because it's your trade secret. But we both know, it's never about the idea, it's how well it's being executed.

Ultimately, if you could publish a book. Do it.

There's no one can dispute when you say 'I've written about a book on this, feel free to argue from there'.

Also, it doesn't matter where you publish as long as it's public.

How to Be an Expert 1
Robert Langdon, a fictional character who published a book on symbols, made him an expert.

How to get good at writing?

Sure, no one wants to read boring stuff. No bothers to waste their time to subject themselves to torture.

Write daily.

With whatever tool you have, just write.

Don't worry about getting judged. No reader. Silent reader. It doesn't matter.

As Seth Godin put it,

Don't call yourself a bad writer if you haven't wrote 100,000 words. Do 100,000 words then decide if you're good or bad.

- Seth Godin.


Finally, do what you said you'll do.

For the past 10 years, I've been struggling to juggle between being a marketer, designer or programmer. Then I decided to choose all 3. Then go deeper. Get down to the basics of things.

Do it on a daily basis until it becomes second nature to you.

Experts are normal people that do normal things extraordinarily.

You may feel like a scam, or someone else is better than you. Also known as "Impostor Syndrome". It's normal. Every expert feels the same way too.

What differentiates them is how good they are at their job.


Being an expert is not a crime, calling yourself one is.

It takes hard work to become an expert. The key is to be consistent. Do it in small batch per day. Share what you know.

Overcome this by Speaking, Publishing, Performing the work with extreme clarity and precision.

A share would be, Sublime.

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How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome

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