How to Read a Book

Reading How to Read

Have you ever read a book and realised you didn’t learn much from the book? Was it your poor comprehension? Wasn’t in the mood? Too many distractions?

I have. And I’ve also found ways to improve my reading habits. Here’s what I do.

Surfacing Deep Rooted Problem is the first step you should do before reading a book. Read a book that solves your immediate problem. Otherwise you'll be spending too much time focusing on the wrong (people's) problem.

Act Immediately If you read without doing, its the same as not knowing. You might as well don't read. When you past a certain chapter, create a todo list and future actions you want to take. Reading is pointless if it does not solve your problem.

Choosing the Right Book climbing the wrong stairs wont get you to your destination. My best advise is go to expert people and ask for recommendations. They have favourite books that they read.

Read Multiple Times reading it once will definitely go to waste because the first time reading it, is as good as info. Second and third is where the connection starts to happen. What you want is not info, but connecting infos into knowledge and wisdom.

The Ultimate Cheat is write a summary for every chapter of the book. This way, you don't have to read the entire book again. Write in your language.

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