What to Work On

Often we're presented with an option, to work on A or B. Here's how I make the decision.

When Benjamin Franklin was young, he couldn't decide what to do, like any child, he asked his mother (mother knows best). His mother suggested doing a "Pros and Cons" list.

Now we are left with 3 options.

Ones with best Pros, One with lowest Cons or do both.

What is this for?

Context is everything.

If this is for operation in business, then you must understand, business is all about managing risk. Therefore the best outcome is to pick one with lesser cons.

When selling products, which one will not come back and haunt us? The ones with lesser cons.

It won't hurt our reputation.

It won't hurt our brand.

It won't be too adventurous.

Who is this for?

Decide who will benefit from this decision most.

If it was for my family, go with most pros. Because you can handle the cons if it ever happens.

Why do you need it?

During a video meeting a customer asked, which should I invest in? New website or CRM?

A website helps to bring in new customers. While a CRM helps to manage relationships between your sales team and customers. One for new customers, the other to retain.

Both are equally important.

Both serve the marketing purpose.

Do both.


Ultimately as a leader (as yourself), you have to make a decision.

Whether the outcome is good nor bad, it doesn't matter. As long as the decision is made.

A share would be, Sublime.

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