How To Sell a Service

Product or Service? It's the same thing. Or is it?

The biggest difference in both are;

Tangile - You can hold itIntangible - You can't hold it
You can tap into the demandYou need the demand to come to you
Limitation with resourceLimitation with time
Easily duplicatedDifficult to replicate

In most cases it's the same thing, it's a product that the company offers to attain value.

Different to products, you can't force people to get what they need. Especially services that have incremental benefits (vs giant leap of success).

Here's how to market service.

1. Choose the Right Appeal

For example, if you do HR outsourcing, you might want to position yourself as an expected, specialist. Because if you don't, the value of your work is greatly reduced to a mere 'head hunter'.

2. How people find you.

Has this service been done before? Great.

Now the only way to promote it is to be the Subject Matter Expert in that field. That means writing a bunch of content that positions you in that way.

Different to products, you can't shove a service in people's faces and expect lead. It has to come from their problem and the dream they want to achieve.

Be active where the customer is ...

SEO, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, where ever you feel your market is at. That's your place to be.

3. Closing the Sale

Service is a multi-step selling process to win trust.

It starts with inspecting the problem.

Then show them what needs to be done. The process that you use to solve these problems.

Ask for the sale.

If I can solve this for you, do we have a deal?

– Closing sales script.

Because it's a service, you will run into negotiations. Which mean discounts, timeline and scope of work. It's entirely up to you how to go about this. I don't do discounts.


The fundamental of business is always the same, exchange money with value. Selling service is no different.

Be consistent at sharing values.

A share would be, Sublime.

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