Tue, 07 Feb 23

5C of Company Management

Managing Company with Simple 5C's Managing chaos is difficult without the proper tools in place. Most management tools sit on […]
Thu, 24 Mar 22

Winning Awards, Should You?

Are awards rigged, and why do we care so much about it? Why do we give attention? How to win […]
Tue, 22 Mar 22

What to Work On

Often we're presented with an option, to work on A or B. Here's how I make the decision. When Benjamin […]
Mon, 07 Mar 22

Understanding What Customer Value

To understand what 'value' is to the customer, we must first understand 2 other things, want and needs. What are […]
Mon, 07 Mar 22

How To Sell a Service

Product or Service? It's the same thing. Or is it? The biggest difference in both are; Product Service Tangile - […]
Thu, 03 Feb 22

Duct Tape Strategy...

"If you can't fix it with duct tape, then you ain't using enough duct tape" "Anything can be fixed with […]
Thu, 23 Dec 21

Why You Shouldn't Be Reading 'Tips'.

"How-to" and "Tips" are great to get started. I've got bad news, it's filled with bad advice especially when you're […]
Mon, 29 Nov 21

How to Ask the Right Question

Don't we all know how to ask questions? Just ask! - Wrong Here's why it's wrong. There are no Dumb […]
Fri, 26 Nov 21

Strategy vs Planning

We often confuse the two, strategy vs planning. Many use these two terms interchangeably, which is wrong because to different […]
Mon, 22 Nov 21

Problems in Marketing: Solve These First

Marketing is a whole set of divisions by itself. It's very big. After indulging myself with the hall of fame […]
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